Open Cascade publishes OCCT-based research & science publications report

Being the only open-source full-scale 3D geometry library Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) is commonly used in academic and research spheres by high-profile organizations all around the world including prominent universities, scientific institutions, and even R&D departments of commercial companies.

To share OCCT scientific usage overview with the community Open Cascade conducted an analysis of research articles mentioning Open CASCADE Technology. It is based on the data from scientific databases (Web of Science, ScienceDirect, Scopus, Google Scholar). The analysis included more than 600 articles and research projects conducted by 400+ organizations in 48 countries. We invite you to explore the infographics report and get a deeper understanding of OCCT application areas and usage potential.

Soon we will launch research and scientific works listing on the OCCT Development portal to share more details with the community. Stay tuned!