Is Open CASCADE Sufficient

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Can OpenCASCADE fully suffice the requirements to make a full blown Analysis application using its meshing and topology features or are there any advance modules that have to be purchased from OCC without which things cannot work?

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It depends on the type of analysis you are performing and its mesh requirements. If you need a full 3D solid mesh or a well controlled surface mesh with nice aspect ratios, you need more than just OCC.
If an SLA style surface mesh (often with long skinny triangles) is enough, OCC may be sufficient.

You may also choose to look at the Salome platform:
This is based on OCC and is designed specifically for analysis applications.

Other options include purchasing the Express Mesh or Meshing Framework packages from OCC or downloading the free NETGEN meshing library (which works on OCC topology).

In any case, you should expect a decent amount of work.

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