Open CASCADE Technology 6.3.1


Open CASCADE S.A.S. is pleased to announce the release of Open CASCADE Technology maintenance version 6.3.1. Maintenance releases are exclusively available to all Open CASCADE customers. Some new features and improvements included in this release are:

Open CASCADE Technology

  • A number of improvements has been made in Foundation Classes and Modeling libraries to facilitate the usage of OCCT in multithreaded applications.
  • A mechanism to collect statistics and debug memory allocation with OCCT optimized memory manager has been implemented.
  • A basic OCAF toolkit (TKLCAF) has become independent from OCCT modeling libraries.
  • Topological naming in OCAF has been considerably improved.
  • Geometry construction algorithms have been extended by advanced approximation methods.
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes suggested by OCCT users have been implemented in Visualization libraries.
  • New supported compiler: Visual C++ 9.0 (Visual Studio 2008).
  • Products

  • Products have been extended by DRAW Test Harness plug-ins providing commands useful for testing and initial acquaintance with these libraries.
  • Detailed information is available in Release Notes (PDF)
    Please, feel free to contact us.

    jelle's picture

    Great work, looks like an impressive list of fixes!

    On the other hand I'm totally flabbergasted by this idea of making maintenance releases only available for paying customers.
    I'm sorry to say this, but when you think that bug fixes are included coming from this forum, its just a perverse idea that frustrates Open Source development.
    What possible could be more unmotivating to share bugfixes on a forum, and get excluded from those fixes!
    That, with the fact that there is no SVN, is simple frustrating.

    Don't get me wrong; OCC is an incredible project, but these are some truly horrific decisions, totally irrational.


    jelle's picture

    Actually, I'm curious in howfar the OCC patch included with the latest Salome release matches up with 6.3.1

    Open CASCADE Technology 6.3 patch
    Installation procedure for Salome 4.1.4sp2 contains a patch for Open CASCADE Technology 6.3 available
    as an independent "Patch for Open Cascade" checkbox item in the “Prerequisites” page. The patch updates
    binary and/or source files of the previously installed Open CASCADE Technology 6.3, fixing a number of
    important bugs. By default this feature is unchecked.

    QbProg's picture

    Agree with the rant! at least a public repository over the latest public version would be really useful to post patches.

    Test user's picture

    New supported compiler: Visual C++ 9.0 (Visual Studio 2008).

    When will OCC support C# ?
    Is that ever gonna happen?

    The good thing is that we have the NaroCad project, thats including a very good C# wrapper. But I think its strange that OCC not supporting