Open CASCADE Technology 6.4

I'm excited about an upcoming release, however, I loath the perspective of the open source community as 2nd class citizens.
I cannot think of a single project where this strategy has proves successful and given the power of OCC's technology I think OCC could be in much better condition if it were to commit to open source software.

Since Salome just moved to publishing its repositories I had some hope of OCC stepping up its game, but things are just getting worse.
OCC, when are you _finally_ going to commit to open source software and move away from the current half assed situation?
That means a repository and a bug tracker at minimum.

The poor management strategy choosen hurts both OCC and its OS community. Without a decent project structure there will never ever be any form of synthesis between a product and a community.


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I totally agree with you Jelle!!! If a project commits to Open-Source (and therefore also enjoys all the advantages of the OS community) it shouldn't make a difference between their commercial customers and the OS community in regards of code availability/access!!!

Apart of that, many thanks to Open Cascade for the great work!


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Even I would like that the opensource edition of OCC will be full powered, I think that a company should decide their options based on more factors than just opensource everything. Also, it is their code, so I really don't consider that is fair to say to them to do this or that. At large, probably a Qt like license may be better as is more development friendly (like: if you are opensource, we are opensource to you, if you are closed, we are closed, and require you to buy license), but this will hurt some other users from the OpenCascade ecosystem.
And just quoting the just line: if you are committed to opensource, you *should* make difference between commercial customers (which provide money for your project to live on) and the community. The community should contribute back as they got something (big) from OpenCascade.

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> The community should contribute back as they got something (big) from OpenCascade.

I heard this argument several times; my experience is that our contributions are silently ignored, this is why I do not care about providing patches.