Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.0 is available for download!


December 18, 2013

OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce a new public release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 6.7.0).

This is a minor release, which includes about 350 new features, improvements and bug fixes over previous version 6.6.0 released in April 2013.

Version 6.7.0 is binary incompatible with the previous versions of Open CASCADE Technology and Products, so applications linked against a previous version must be recompiled to run with this Version 6.7.0.

New in this version:
- Dynamic clipping of shaded objects by arbitrary planes, with cross-section visualized by capping algorithm;
- Optimized and enhanced presentation of point markers using point sprites and VBO;
- Enhanced presentation of dimensions;
- Support of GLSL programs;
- Ray tracing mode of display of shaded objects in OCCT viewer providing high-quality image (including sharp shadows, correct transparency, reflections);
- Functionality to create BRep shape representing a text string (with specified font);
- Multiple corrections in Voxel package;
- New (more robust) 2D fillet algorithm;
- New documentation system: Doxygen is used to generate Overview and User Guides, their sources are included in OCCT sources;
- Considerably improved code stability, and clean-up of compiler warnings;
- Algorithm of result assembling in Boolean Operations is made parallel;
- Optimization: use of SSE2 instructions, refactored code of b-spline evaluation, revised XML persistence of binary data;
- Refactored CSharp sample, now including WPF front-end;
- Official support of Intel compiler, Visual Studio 2013, and Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Detailed information about this release is available in Release Notes (PDF).

To download Open CASCADE Technology, please, visit our Download Center.

To learn more about our Products, please, visit our Value-added Software page.

Please, contact us for any additional information.

OPEN CASCADE wishes happy winter holidays to all its Customers and the Open Source Community!

Roman Lygin's picture

Congratulations team!

Many thanks for moving the product further and adding new exciting features and enhancements.
Special thanks to Andrey and Galina for addressing the feedback from Beta with lightning-fast reaction.
Wish you celebrate this release and move on ;-).


Daniel Park's picture

Well done.