Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.1 is available for download!


April 30, 2014

OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce a new public release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 6.7.1).

Open CASCADE Technology and Products version 6.7.1 is a maintenance release, which includes about 170 improvements and bug fixes over the previous release 6.7.0.

Version 6.7.1 is binary incompatible with the previous versions of Open CASCADE Technology and Products, so applications linked against a previous version must be recompiled to run with this Version 6.7.1.

New in this version:

  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements in Modeling Algorithms, Visualization, Data Exchange;
  • Parallelization of the Building and (partially) Intersection parts of Boolean algorithms;
  • Class for display of a shape with different colors of sub-shapes;
  • Extended control over depth buffer operation at the level of Z layers in 3D Viewer;
  • Additional tools and documentation on debugging OCCT code;
  • Support of SVG images in documentation;
  • Generation of Reference Manual documentation by gendoc command (without WOK);
  • Porting of Samples to Qt 5;
  • CMake builds now support source patches and installation of multiple configurations in the same directory.

Detailed information about this release is available in Release Notes (PDF).

To download Open CASCADE Technology, please, visit our Download Center.

To learn more about our Products, please, visit our Value-added Software page.

Please, contact us for any additional information.

OPEN CASCADE wishes happy May holidays to all its Customers and the Open Source Community!

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