Open CASCADE Technology 7.5.2 maintenance release


Open Cascade continues publishing Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) maintenance releases. The next OCCT maintenance release (version 7.5.2) is prepared. 

The sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.5.2 are available under the V7_5_2 tag in the OCCT repository.

This maintenance release fixes the following critical problems:

  • 31984: Modeling Algorithms - Sweep crashes if Bi-normal is given [Crash]
  • 32136: Modeling Algorithms - Boolean fuse fails and corrupts the argument-shape [Major]
  • 32140: Modeling Algorithms - unify same domain calls crossed for opposite vectors [Major]
  • 32199: Modeling Algorithms - BOP Cut produces invalid shape [Regression]
  • 32213: Modeling Algorithms - Invalid result of UnifySameDomain [Major]
  • 32225: Modeling Algorithms - Modeling Data - Wrong result of extrema curve-surface [Major]
  • 32264: Data Exchange - STEP exporter generates bad geometry [REGRESSION since 7.4.0]

Publication date: April 23, 2021.

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It seems like the tags haven't been pushed to the GitHub mirror. Are they going to be?