Open CASCADE Technology 7.8.1 maintenance release


Open Cascade is pleased to announce that the next Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) maintenance release (version 7.8.1) is prepared. The sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.8.1 are available under the V7_8_1 tag in the OCCT repository.

This maintenance release addresses a critical issue regarding backward binary compatibility with version 7.8.0. For users encountering this issue, it's essential to update to version 7.8.1 to ensure seamless integration and operation.

Additionally, please note that the develop branch contains implementations of new functionality and high-level changes. While these enhancements offer exciting features, they cannot be incorporated into binary updates. We encourage users to explore these advancements in the develop branch for future releases.

This maintenance release fixes the following problems:

  • 0033656: Foundation Classes - Standard_Type crash during unloading static lib
  • 0033560: Modeling Algorithms - Raising exception SIGFPE Arithmetic Exception
  • 0033410: Data Exchange, Step Import - TRIANGULATED_FACE from STEP where there are no pnval entries
  • 0033367: Modeling Algorithms - Normal projection or BOP problem [Regression]
  • 0031601: Modeling Algorithms - BRepOffset_Tool Segmentation Fault
  • 0033638: Data Exchange, Step Import - Style for tessellated object missed
  • 0033631: Data Exchange, Step import - Crash by reading STEP file
  • 0033603: Data Exchange, Step Import - Crash reading corrupted STEP file
  • 0033602: Data Exchange, Step - Carriage return removing
  • 0033596: Documentation - Incorrect default value read.step.tessellated
  • 0025415: Data Exchange - Invalid result of loading a STEP file
  • 0033383: Modeling Algorithms - Wire/Face creation problem
  • 0033261: Data Exchange, Step Import - Empty shape after reading process
  • 0033569: Data Exchange, STEP - Crash when reading multi-body file
  • 0025188: Data Exchange, Step Export - Losing shapes after import
  • 0032980: Data Exchange - STEP import produce a crash
  • 0033567: Modeling Data - GeomLib_IsPlanarSurface raises exception SIGFPE Arithmetic Exception in Release mode

Publication date: April 1, 2024.

We appreciate the community's continued support and feedback, which contributes to the ongoing improvement of OCCT. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements.

Best regards,
OCCT3D team

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