Open Cascade updates OCCT research & science publications collection

Open Cascade updates Open CASCADE Technology Research and Science publications collection on the OCCT Development portal. The catalogue was enriched with 2021–2022 (till the end of August) works, adding to the collection almost 200 new research articles from prominent universities, scientific institutions, and R&D departments of commercial companies.

Updated OCCT Research and Science website section gather more than 900 articles and research projects conducted by 600+ organizations in 55 countries. It accumulates scientific works from numerous application areas varying from shipbuilding to energy. Explore the updated collection of research publications via the link. Browse it by subject, author, or country to get a wider look at OCCT capabilities and application opportunities.

To understand OCCT application areas and usage potential deeper, explore OCCT research & science infographics report.

If you use OCCT in your project or scientific work, please share it with the community via the Contact Form.

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