Open multiple files in the same time in CAD Assisstant


I'm a new user to CAD Assisstant and I want to convert a bunch of BREP files to a single STP file.

Is there any way to open multiple files in CAD Assisstant all at once and not one by one? I'm talking about a few hundred files. Or is there at least any capability of batch convert to ease my task?

Thanks in advance for all your answers!


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Your input is confusing - opening several files at onces and batch convertion are completely different tasks.

You can open multiple files by enabling "Add to the current document" option. Hundreds files is easier opening using Drag & Drop functionality on desktop - by selecting multiple files in file manager and dragging them into CAD Assistant window.  In this case all files will be added to the single document, and saved file will contain all imported models too.

Batch conversion is currently not implemented. If this functionality is important for your project - you may send request through Open CASCADE contact form:

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Sorry for the confusion. I wanted to "save" a large amount of individual BREP files into a single STEP file.
Dragging all the files from file manager into CAD Assisstant window worked perfectly. Thank you!