Open source Philisophy

A question from a novice in open source philosophy :

Can I use open cascade to make commercial products and to sell them?
Is yes, is there limitations ?

Thanks in adavce.
Awaiting you feedback.

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You can use OpenCascade for commercial applications. Anyway you must pay to optain technical support or upgrades!


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The licenese is pretty close to LGPL so you can use the OCC libraries in your own applications and use any license you want, but if you make modifications to the OCC source code and use that you must release that code using the OCC license, and you cannot take source code from OCC and put in your own application unless you use the OCC license, so as long as you just link to the OCC libraries you can pretty much what you want.

If you want to be very picky you probably cannot use the OCC example code in commercial software either as I assume this is also using the same OCC license ?