opencascade 5.1 on Windows XP

Hi, I intalled this software on S.O. Windows XP H.ed. italian version.
When I finish the configuartion steps, I try to use this software but does not work anything.
In windows programm, I find OPencascade 5.1 but every application I select doesn't start.
Can someone tell me what does he see under programm window and what does he select to start a project?

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Do you get any error message, when you are going to samples->standard->mfc->geometry, for example?

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What about environment variables? If they aren't set (especially CASROOT), the progs won't run.
If they aren't set, or are incorrect, they must be changed. CASROOT should point to c:\OpenCASCADE5.1\ros (for example)

Try starting one of the programs from the command line, you will be able to see any error messages it prints out.

Also, I think there is a batch file (*.bat) somewhere which includes the environment variables, try running it from the command prompt, then use that prompt to start one of the OCC programs.

Good luck

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Hi, I reinstalled everything and probably it works now. I say probably because everything is very different from autocad, now I search any manual, guide that teach me step by step how to draw.
I'd like to learn by window version than to use linux version.