OpenCascade 6.2.0 and Java on WindowsXP


I am looking at using Java with OpenCascade 6.2.0.

I don't have access to any C/C++ compilers.

It seems that to use Java, you got have all the C/C++ compiler stuff, am I correct?

Since OpenCascade 6.2.0 comes with compiled binaries, why does an end user still need to compile code to use the Java interface?

Or have I missed downloading the Java JNI libraries from a different location?


Jan Brüninghaus's picture

There is a bunch of wrapped OCC-classes provided with the java samples. You can use them without needing to compile anything in C++. But since it is only a small subset of OCC, i think you will soon need more and then you have to write your own jni-functions and for this you need a C or C++ compiler.