OpenCASCADE 6.2.0 and OSX

Again a thread on OSX.
--- I've started from the patches by Torsten Sadowski. I did, however, removed the COMP/XCOMP entry and manually applied it in OCC.XCOMP, since the automatic replacement seemed to change things it shouldn't have...
--- I've made a few additional corrections:
In ModelingAlgorithms.XCOMP, TKShHealing is required by TKOffset, but comes after it. This is also giving problems for the compilation of IGES in DataExchange.XCOMP. Changing the order solves it.

Additionally, I've corrected the and into and in src/OpenGL/OpenGL_polygon.c and src/OpenGL/OpenGL_polygonholes.c. This gave warnings but TKOpenGL did link.

--- I was then able to compile OpenCASCADE and generate the libraries. In order to run DRAWEXE, I had to go to X11, call "source env.ksh" to set up the environment variables (not inherited from regular OSX environment variables) and set the environment variable DISPLAY=":0.0".

This allows me to run DRAWEXE. I get the windows and the menu's seem to work.


Is it true that you must use tk/tcl from X11? Can you avoid X11 and use only Aqua?

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And additionally, do you need to use the Qt/X11 library for the samples? Or would it work with the Qt/mac library? I'm currently using Qt4, but if you have any idea on how it works for Qt3, this could also be helpful.

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Hallo Stefan,

unluckily you have to use X11. If you look into View.cxx from the Qt samples you will see:

#ifdef WNT

For a native view it would be necessary to implement MAC_Window and probably Graphic3d_MACGraphicDevice classes which is probably not overly difficult but I don't have the time for it.

Cheers, Torsten

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Oh if it were that easy...

Looks like V3d_View, V3d_PositionLight, Visual3d_Viewer, and Visual3d_ViewManager (among some of the Test classes) are all hardwired to work with either WNT or X11 windows :(

Some of these should be addressed by the OpenCASCADE developers as they appear to be lingering remnants of days gone by. For example:

1) unused includes in V3d_SpotLight
2) not relying on the pure virtual AspectWindow::Size() method in Visual3d_ViewManager::Pick()
3) unused variables in Visual3d_ViewManager::ViewExists()

Not sure how to handle the Graphic3d_CView::DefWindow.XWindow and Graphic3d_CView::DefWindow.XParentWindow in Visual3d_View::SetWindow() which propagates also up to V3d_PositionLight::Pick().

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Oh yes, and then there's which littered with hardwired connections to WNT or X11.