opencascade 6.7.1 g++ compile error in ubuntu 14.10 qt creator

I tried to compiler my application from windows MSVC 2013 to ubuntu g++.
I could configure and make opencascade 6.7.1 form source package in my ubuntu computer,but I could't use qt creator to compiler my application.
The error message is:
/home/cglab/opencascade-6.7.1/inc/Standard_Macro.hxx:49: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token
# define Standard_IMPORT __declspec( dllimport ) extern

And my .pro file.

Please,someone can help me!

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this is code:

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these are definitions for Windows. Grab the opnecascade 6.7.1 source code for Linux and the problem will be gone, I think