OpenCascade 7.7.0 3rd party components vc14, 32bit


May be someone can help with 3rd party components for OpenCascade 7.7.0 to be able build DLLs for 32 bit using vc14 ?
Had not problem to build 7.4, 7.5, 7.6 versions. But problem on 7.7 with tbb for example. Used tbb44_20160526oss, that had folders ia32 for vc11, vc12, vc14 but now getting many errors, one of them:

f:\opencascade7.7.0\tbb44_20160526oss\include\tbb\parallel_do.h(121): error C2664: 'void tbb::internal::parallel_do_operator_selector<Body,Item>::call<Item,tbb::internal::parallel_do_feeder_impl<Body,Item>>(const Body &,A1 &,A2 &)': cannot convert argument 2 from 'OSD_Parallel::UniversalIterator::reference' to 'OSD_Parallel::IteratorInterface *&'

Dunno how possible to make release and don't unclude 32 bit version (at least third party components) :( May be someone made normal built for 32bit and can upload ? I can use any vc version, main target is 32bit.

Thanks in advance

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Legacy TBB versions (e.g. tbb44 mentioned in your post) are not supported. You need using oneTBB 2021.5 or later - see requirements section.

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Got it. Made OCC dlls, but my project began ask for additional dlls that never asked for, in prev versions: avcodec-57.dll, avformat-57.dll, avutil-55.dll, FreeImage.dll, freetype.dll and tbb12.dll (was tbb.dll before). Also it crashing on any operation, even load IGS or STEP, so i am not sure that made all correct. Still needs 32bit third party components...

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All these components are optional. You don't need building OCCT with FFmpeg if you are not going to record or play video using OCCT - in this case it is better disabling optional dependencies based on real demands of your application (check CMake configuration flags).

The same applies to oneTBB. If your application doesn't use it - there is no much benefit building OCCT with this library, built-in native threading libraries should cover most use cases just fine.