OpenCASCADE and GNU C++ exceptions

I have written a program that uses the OC libraries. When I run the program, the program crashes with a segmentation foult. In order to investigate the possible causes I have written the following stupit program:

20 int main(int argc, char * argv []){
22 try{
23 throw GCAS::Exception("test");
24 }catch(GCAS::Exception & e){
25 cout 26 }
28 cout 29
30 return 0;
31 }

Where Exception is a normal class.
This code works fine if I don't link using the OpenCASCADE libraries, menwhile if I use the OC libraries I obtain the following result:

Segmentation fault

Where the code catches the exception but then it crashes after the catch{} block?

What is the problem?

Thank's in advance.

Gilles Foucault's picture

I have exactly the same problem under Linux. Did you fix it ?