OpenCascade Functionality

Hi guys, I am new to Open Cascade. I am used to do CATIA Modelling, for aeronautical CFD analisys and would like to know if Open Cascade can do:

- Parametric modelling
- Macro Recording
- Macro Replay
- Run on batch mode (play macros in batch?)
- Wich formats it exports?

I've looked for in the documentation, tough haven't found answers to this specific questions.
I really would like to use it from now on, but I can't do my job without the features I listed above. Thanks in advance and Best Regards!


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In general, OpenCASCADE (OCC) supplies none of the items you are asking about. However, your application can provide all these capabilities and still use OCC as the core modeling engine. As for file formats, OCC can export geometry in STEP, IGES, STL, and VRML, as well as a couple of OCC specific formats (BREP and CSFDB).

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Thanks a lot for the super fast answer. I Really appreciated! I understand it is to ask too much for all those features, and so in a open software. As of "application" what did you mean?

Is there a way to OCC read text scripts and do some modelling? For example:

- read a text file with x,y,z coordinates and plot it on the screen and then save it

If so I can think about some usage for it.

Once again thanks a lot!

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By "application", I mean the program you write that uses OCC. Remember, OCC is just a library.

There is a test harness that comes with OCC that accepts TCL scripts for accessing OCC functionality. In theory, you could write scripts that create geometry, display it through the test harness and export it to one of the supported file formats. It wouldn't be very professional, but if you are looking for a utility for personal use, it could be very helpful.

As far as text files, it can read and write STL files, but does not have the built in ability to display STL geometry. You would need to program that.