OpenCascade not able to identify Faces types for STEP files exported from NX application.

Hello Team,

We have seen difference in the face types for STEP files exported form NX compared to files exported from CAD Assistant tool or any other CAD software.

Attached are the simple cylinder files.This cylinder has 3 faces. 

For CAD Assistant STEP file, we are getting 2 Plane faces and 1 Cylindrical face 

For NX (10.0) STEP file, we are getting 2 Plane faces and 3rd face is not getting identified as Cylindrical, Plane or conical face types.

We are using OpenCascade 7.4.0 to extract all this information.

Requesting the team to help us understand the root cause regarding difference in face types.

Is there any specific algorithm / healing CAD Assistant application is using while saving the STEP files?

Any pre-processing is required before reading the STEP files using OpenCascade?

Thank you in advance.

Rupali Bhosale's picture

Hello Team, can someone look at in to this, we are stuck up in reading NX exported STEP file.

Thanks in advance.