Opencascade on NVIDIA Jetson

Hello all,

did anyone tried to run opencascade on NVIDIA Jetson?

I quick tried to run Freecad on Raspberry 4 and it crashes when I start a new document. Not sure what the problem is.

Anyhow, I would assume that opencascade would run much faster on Jetson? Since I code with QT5 I start hoping to use one of those single board PC for certain jobs.

Thanks for opinions!

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

As far as I can see, NVIDIA Jetson is just an ARM-based board. I guess it is running on Linux.

Open CASCADE Technology is a cross-platform framework, so that with capable building toolchain and capable platform it should work just fine. So you need to provide more details if you experience some issues. FreeCAD and it's other dependenices might have their own problem in this regard.

Daniel Duesentrieb's picture

yes, it is running Linux.

I don't have any issues. only asking if anyone had it run and if the performance would be OK. after all it is a sbc.