Opencascade online

Hi everyone,

I have made a opencascade explorer to run occ code snippets in your browser and see the result.

Here are some examples:

Lot of bottles

Face normal

Hope you like it ;)?

Best regards, Guido



Qr Qr's picture

Hi Guido,

This looks pretty cool, especially for prototyping. Do you have a kind of project page or documentation with some text to read?

Guido van Hilst not specified's picture

Hi Qr Qr,

Thank you for your replay.

No unfortunately I dont have a project page, or documentation yet:(

You can get documentation on Opencascade:

There is a blog tutorial about Opencascade (dont konw if it is still maintaned?) see:

In the web-app you can select a Opencascade class and press F1 for help.

If someone is interested in this development, want to join development,have some good ideas, or want to write docs please let me know! :)

Best regards, Guido