The OpenCascade Qt Project

Hi guys, does anybody have the OpenCascade sources with Qt pro ?
I think that is cool idea to use Qt project without ./configure and ./make under Linux and without *.dsp or *.VCPROJ under Windows.

Or I'm wrong ?

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Kindly, have a look at:

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Mohamed Lotfy

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I know this application. But when it was release 0.3 it's was cool by Peter Dobley, but now is not a good idea, because there the GeomModule from Salome Project and it's a very no stable working with any salome application.

Also I'm now create the *.pro files for all OCC sources, here I'm talking not about my application, but OCC distribution and what I'm have:

All OCC sources no more 25 Mb of disk space and I can build librarys without any problem on Windows/Linux/Mac. It's because there *.cdl, *edl files and headers that in inc and in a library path. Also is more that we don't need in OCC, like static Textures, Fonts, many librarys is duplicated, like TKV3d and TKOpenGl. I'm try don't use any VIRTUAL functions and I see that there is more optimization that we need to include in opengl driver(a la module is not correct), gl2ps module(saved EMF files is no more 120 Kb for me, but when I'm use original method is more that 1000 Kb.). Also I'm include the libemf module for Linux and Mac os. Many memory leaks and other...