OpenCascade the right choice?

I'm wondering if Open Cascade is the right choice for my project?! I hope people with experience give me some advice.

I plan a physical simulation software. It should be able to process at will formed bodies. As output I need the surfaces and edges, which can be seen from a line of sight and additionally I need the information which surfaces can see each other.

Thanx very much for any help, Reinhard

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From my point of view, it would fit perfect to your needs. But be aware: If you are not familiar, it maybe costs you a lot of time to get into it, depending on your experience.

Regards, Michael


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I agree,

For instance, i have made a training course (for my 4th study year) on Open cascade for 4 month by myself and i know only some parts at my level. When i started i didn t know anything about 3D programming and only 4 months of real experience in C++. I would still consider myself as a beginner at this state with OpenCascade.

Maybe u should hire someone to study Open cascade on a training to know which parts of OpenCascade you would need and which techniques of implementation you should use (choice between using AIS_Shape or derivating directly AIS_IntercativeObject is an example). It's a wide library and some parts could not be useful for your project.