OpenCASCADE "SampleImportExport" failure

I have got and IGES file which I succeeded to open using IGES viewers.
When I tried to load it using "SampleImportExport" to load an IGES file,
I waited for more than 8 minutes and there was no result.

So, I debugged "SampleImportExport" and found that when the debugger reaches


it never gets out from there. Anyone can help me?

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I have 2 problems(A,B)

A. Here is the sequence:
1.I have an IGES that I can already open
correctly using SampleImportExport.
2.I opened the file using NuGraf
Rendering System(which is an Okino product)
3.I saved the opened file(without modifying it)
as IGES.
4.I tried to open the result file using
Spicer Imagination, Actify SpinFire and they
5.I tried to open it using SampleImportExport,
I waited for over 15 minutes this time, but
there was no result.

B. I opened the following file:

using Spicer Imagination, Actify Spinfire and
both gave the same result, when I opened using
SampleImportExport, I got a different result
and the text didn't appear at all, and there
were additional shapes that look like stars.

Can anyone help me?