OpenCascade6.3 and Qt4.7 (compilation problem)

I'm trying to study the qtoccharness 0.9, I use OpenCascade6.3 and Qt4.7, but when I compile the code, i get the following error:

i915_program_error: Bad inst->DstReg.Index: 2
i915_program_error: Bad inst->DstReg.Index: 3

I think that the error begins in this line myView->SetWindow( myWindow, rc , paintCallBack, this );

please appreciate any help, it is very important
excuse my English and thanks anyway

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I get exactly the same error. I debugged the code and found out exactly the same line as mentioned by you. I still do not have an answer from the forum.


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Quick note. Why wouldn't you derive from the Qt sample that ships with Open CASCADE ? It does support Qt4.x.

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I wish I'd said that.

QtOOCCHarness was written when there was no "pure" Qt4 shell for OCCT, and was based on versions of Qt arounf Qt 4.3/4.4. Most of the later developments are in the QtOCC SVN repositor where the focus moved to integration with Fotis' SALOMEGEOMETRY and SALOMESMESH projects. The are a few nice features like position tracking, but if I ever get back to developing further I'll need to re-baseline against the standard Qt4 examples.

If I get enthused, my thoughts are around building a totally new rendering engine in Qt4, similar to what Daniel did in HeeksCAD. But I'm still slowly rebuilding my dev environment to VS 2010.