opengl libraries on linux system


I try to compile examples given with OOC5.2. I use an Ubuntu distribution (based on debian) and I have some problems with OpenGl library.

./configure says that it can't fin opengl library :

checking for OpenGL... configure: error: OpenGL (libraries) not found.

The folowing libraries are present on my system :

So , according to me, the opengl libraries are installed.

Is someone have an idea ?

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Opencascade's configure script uses some predefined paths to discover includes and libraries of OpenGL (and other 3dparty tools TclTK, ...).
The pathes of your OpenGL implementation are the common paths, but you can try to give the pathes direct as input:

export INCL_GL=/usr/incluse
export LIB_GL=/usr/X11R6/lib
>./configure --with-gl-include=$INCL_GL --with-gl-libraries=$LIB_GL

if you have a look in the configure script, you will see that some paths elements will be added per default in the search pathes.

good luck

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I had already try this, but with no success :-(

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/usr/incluse/GL/gl.h, or... /usr/include/GL/gl.h ?