Opening LocalContex on Vista

Hi everyone,

has anyone tried opening local context on Vista? Well I actually did and I'm not really happy with that. The problem I observe is the following: For example turning the edge or face selection mode makes the viewer show "strange lines" (both belonging to the shape or not). Occasionally, it looks a bit like the triangulation of the shape. What is interesting, the vertex selection mode seems to work fine...

The described effects can be observed running the "AIS Select" MFC sample but I also checked a couple of other applications and they all behave this way.

So far I've used a notebook with an integrated Intel on-board graphics and OCC 6.2/6.3.

Can anyone confirm/comment?

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I experimented some special artefacts with OpenGl without OCC on Vista also, some time ago.

It only failed on some computers. I solved that telling my customers to disable AERO windows management built on Vista (As I tell you, OpenGL + AERO is not always working well).

At the moment, and in the laptops I've run my applications, nothing strange is observed.

I suppose to be some drivers or some graphic cards.

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I think the issue is the OpenGL , not all graphics cards especially those OEM'ed in notebooks have opengl fully implemented in their Vista drivers. I have a Sony with Nvidia and the supplied sony driver does not support OpenGL at all, despite a fully compliant graphics card. To run OpenCascade I had to use a hacked driver from

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Thanks for your comments!

To tell the truth, I also suspect the graphic card. I'll test on another Vista PC soon to see if it makes a difference.

By the way, it doesn't matter if AERO is on or off. The problem is still the same.


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Same problem here with integrated Intel graphics on XP. I also posted about this problem calling them "glitches". Only solution was to use Mesa3D, but it's slower.

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Hi Paul,

thanks for your suggestions. The problem wasn't related to Vista but to the graphic chip/driver. Using Mesa solved that and eliminated the glitches. But... there's another problem - my application started crashing... I'll have to investigate that some time. Probably using Mesa revealed some other problem.