OpenShapeFactory - Qt 5.x support


We are currently leveraging Qt 5.2.1 in a desktop application (built leveraging VS 2012) and are considering OpenCascade to import simple geometries from STEP and IGES files. These will primarily be used to extract boundary representations.

QUESTION 1: Is OpenShapeFactory what we should leverage?

QUESTION 2: Which version of Qt does OpenCascade support? The System Requirements section ( indicate Qt 4.8.6. This is quite old. It also doesn't have support for Android (support came with Qt 5.1) which OpenCascade lists support for.

QUESTION 3: How do you build support for Qt 5.X for Windows platforms (e.g. MSVC 2012)? The custom.bat file has a flag CHECK_QT4, but there's no documentation that I can find to build in the Qt 5.X support.