Operation V3d_View::Update(); Memory lost

Hello Everybobody !
I lost a lot of memory after each V3d_View update.
Are there any leaks in the instruction

void Visual3d_View::Update (const Handle(Visual3d_Layer)& AnUnderLayer, const Handle(Visual3d_Layer)& AnOverLayer)
MyGraphicDriver->Update (MyCView, UnderCLayer, OverCLayer);
Has somebody the same experience ?

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How many instances of V3d_View do you have? If the answer is "more than one", take a look here: http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_11016/

I think it also applies for only 1 view, but it takes longer to be noticed.

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more than one...
And your advise has worked.
Paul, thank you very much

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Is this a problem with 6.2 version or still keeps going wrong with 6.3?

Dmitry, what version are you using?

I was noticing some strange behavior and it would be a good reason to pass to 6.3 (Actually using 6.2)

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That problem still exists in 6.3.

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I use 6.3.0