Optimize glb export drawcalls


I notice that exporting a CAD file to GLB produces a lot of draw calls. While CAD assistant seems to handle the load, this is not the case for other viewers (e.g. windows 3D viewer). I tried optimizing the models with another library and this reduces the number of draw calls by roughly ten while keeping an equivalent amount of data (1161 =>139 draw calls for the files I have provided).
Is there a way to optimize the number of draw calls? More specifically, I am working on a custom converter that greatly resembles the code provided by this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/62872824

I appreciate the assistance. Have a good day!

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1161 =>139 draw calls

Original model contains only 7 materials, while your version explodes them into 139 with duplicated grays. I guess there is some mistake in your code...

keeping an equivalent amount of data

Equivalent visualization data, I suppose, as original STEP defines 1163 faces and this information OCCT tries to keep on glTF export (current implementation).

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Hi and thank you for your time. 

The optimization code is used for Unity3D so we keep one material per "element". It's something we may optimize in the future but I don't believe this is the issue. You can look at the time it takes to read both files (0.02s compared to 0.16s). 

I appreciate that OCCT keeps the faces but this results in a lot of drawcalls. This impact performances for most viewers. Is there a way to optimize it using OCCT/CAD Assistant?

Thanks again.

(using https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/)