OSX binary

Hello OpenCascade Coders,

I have seen that some of you have already gotten OCC to run on OSX. Would it be possible to share the binary and/or some words of advice how to get it to run with me. I would be very appreciative about it. I think I only need the core and non of the visualization stuff. If I could the flask tutorial to work I would be more than happy.


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FWIW, I've documented the steps I took on the qtocc-wiki


The full set of dynamic libraries to run the application were about 120 MB. The fully compiled OCC folder is about 2.5 GB. I only have a Powerbook (PPC) so these were not universal binaries.

And beware that the visual OpenGL-based views only work using X11.

I was not able to compile the qtocc on Qt4 since Qt4 for Fink did not work for me.

Maybe this will help you out a bit. I would appreciate any updates or corrections too ;)