Other problem please I need help

Well thank you for the other tip but right now i am having another problem when i execute runme.bat. When executing java -classpath .;CASCADESamples.jar SamplesStarter It gives this error message : Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError : Cascadesamples\java\cascadesamplesjni.dll : Ome of the library files needed to run this application can not be found. I have looked for this file and found it. So the question how can i do please ?? Thanks in advance. Omar Msaaf.

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Hello Omar,

If you have somewhere libraries that are to be used with CASCADE Samples you should set variable PATH to point on these libraries location (the good place to do it - runme.bat file)

Hope it will help you. Leonid.

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Casroot it doesn't help. I really don't get why it doesn't. if some one could explain that would be really nice from you. Omar Msaaf

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The problem of DLL initialization can be very complex. For example, there may have another library missing. The best way to solve this type of problem is to run the executable under MS Visual C++. The loading of DLLs are traced in the output windows. You can also try to load DLLs by using only "LoadLibraryEx" on the DLL.

But do not forget that you are running under Windows 98. Then, be sure to check that the space for environments variables is big enough to set the PATH variable.

You need also to check that when you have modified your PATH variable you have not removed the previous PATH.

I hope this will help.

Regis Le Boite