I'v compiled a OpenCascade OCAF app from the OCAF Wizard, but the Save operation fails becaus PAppStdPlugin.dll is missing, where can I find this dll or the source code to compile it ?


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I think I have a similar problem. I was trying to port an OCAF application from OC5.2 into OC6.3 but I can't load/save files. I'm still investigating the problem... but could be the same.


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Actually, it was something else in my case - just a question of pointing at the right "Plugin" files.


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I guess the OCAF Wizard has not been updated to catch up with repackaging and split in OCAF made a few versions ago. You should substitude PAppStdPlugin with StdPlugin which uses the same GUIDs for drivers and schema. See StdResource/Plugin.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, it seems work, I'v succesfully saved a file with one label and two integer attributes, now I will try to load this file and then to load/save more coplex data like shapes.