Parametric Modeling for Architects & Engineers

Has anybody out there yet started, or tried to start, a development to use OpenCASCADE as the basis for a parametric modeler for the Architecture and Construction industries, kind of like Revit?

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I have not, but I would love to see this being realized. I was hoping to create an architectural design application building on the QtOcc framework ( and using the parametric features of OCC to do something like that, but apart from getting my Powerbook to compile OCC6.2 and documenting the steps it required, I must admit that I could not devote enough time to get deep into OCC. Not being a full-time programmer but an architect (doing academic research) does not help me that much either.

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Hmm...on one hand that's unfortunate but on the other a good opportunity. I've been trying to drum up some interest with a few talented developers to develop a CAD application for Architects and consulting engineers that is native to the Mac; however in the process I have given allot of thought to Open Sourcing some or all of the project and perhaps making it cross platform.

After our office upgraded to Autodesk Architecture 2009 (for a very prodigious sum) I have been at my wits end with the unusual and unnecessary changes they have made; the slowness and buggy-ness of the program, and the total lack of polish that has begun plaguing each new release of AutoCAD for the last few years. I can't see how or why we would justify spending so much for 25 year old software that worked better several years ago than it does now.(At it's core AutoCAD is still the same as it was 25 years ago).

But out of frustration and disappointment often comes good ideas. I've been doing allot of research and taking a look at OpenCASCADE and BRL-CAD as the basis for such a program. I've even put together a detailed outline for a program that, I think, could knock the lagging CAD industry off their pompous pedestals and into the 21st century world of software development. If only I was a coder, or could find someone interested.

Well anyway if anybody's interested send me a reply!