parametrized curve


I wonder if it is possible to create a curve for which I know analytical equations.

For instance, I want to create
the curve corresponding to :


Of course, I do not want to use bspline interpolation for that purpose (I already know how to do it !).



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Yes it's possible, you just have to subclass Geom_Curve and re-implement all the pure virtual method (D0, D1, D2,...) so you will have to know the first derivative,... and then you will be able to use you Geom_CustomCurve and build an edge from it, display it using the AIS package, ...

Good Luck,

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Yes, it is true, you can do that.
The only problem is that you will not be able to save/load any Shape or Geometry created with Geom_CustomCurve without changing the whole OpenCASCADE code for reading/saving the geometry.