Passing from 6.5.1 to 660


My collegue use 6.5.1 but now we need 6.6.0 he left the company and I need help it's my first time I work with OCC,

I find out that the file TKV2d is no longer available on the new version is it under a new name, I search over but I didn't find anything about this modification

My solution in VS2008 is building correctly but my project is not running


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Dear RHN,
The 2D viewer library was removed completely from OCCT(see for details Release Notes of OCCT6.6.0). Some extraction is provided below.
Obsolete 2D viewer and plotter support have been removed from the OCCT libraries:
Packages from TKV2d toolkit (AIS2d, GGraphic2d, Graphic2d, Prs2d, Select2d, V2d), 2D test cases (QAViewer2dTest and Viewer2dTest), as well as packages CGM, MFT, PlotMgt, PS, and FontMFT have been completely removed.
Dependencies on them have been removed from AIS, Aspect, PrsMgr, StdSelect, WNT, V3d, ViewerTest and Xw packages. 2D viewer commands have also been removed from test cases.
Best regards

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Thankk you for your answer, in this case I have to change all my code that already use it !!!
is there is any other alternative ??


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Yes, you should make porting to OCCT6.6.0.
Best regards