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I need to decompose a complex surface into Coons Patch(16 pts. form).The 'patch & patches' routine I got in GeomConvert->BSplineSurfaceToBezier doesn't solve my purpose as I'm looking for the 16point Poision vector.

Pls help me out....


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You might not got my point.

Let I'v a simple BSpline surface having 4 vertices.Now I'd like to break the surface into patches in U,W direction at parametric interval say- 0,1/3,2/3,1.
Is there any API available in OCC which can perform the operation giving all the 16 cordinate positions.

Waiting for your tips.

Pavitra Mukherjee

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Hello Pavitra,

Don't remember if more A tailored approach is available but at least there is a generic one. ShapeUpgrade_SplitSurface does the work for you.

Handle(Geom_BSplineSurface) aBSS = ...;
Handle(ShapeUpgrade_SplitSurface) aSS = new ShapeUpgrade_SplitSurface;
aSS->Init (aBSS);
aSS->SetUSplitValues (...);
aSS->SetVSplitValues (...);
aSS->Perform ();
Handle(ShapeExtend_CompositeSurface) aCompSurf = aSS->ResSurface();
//then iterate over a CompSurf to retrieve your patches

Hope this helps.

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Geom_BSplineSurface::Segment (u1, u2, v1, v2) IS a more tailored approach - really forgot it :-(.
ShapeUpgrade_SplitSurface is more general but can use Segment()inside - upon flag settings - for NURBS.