Patch: Visual3d_Layer

I found that trying to set a different width for the line attribute in a layer did NOT have any effect. The way I was using it caused lines to be drawn with width 1 every time.

If I recall correctly, there's also a bug with text attributes mentioned somewhere in the forums, but I haven't checked that one yet.

The file that needs to be patched is OpenGl_togl_begin_layer_mode.c:

(OpenCascade 6.3)
Line 112:
static float layerHeight = -1.;
-static float layerWidth = -1.;
static int layerPoints = 0;

Line 1140:
- if (layerWidth != width) {
- layerWidth = width;
- glLineWidth ((GLfloat) layerWidth);
- }
+ glLineWidth ((GLfloat) width);

Sorry for the handmade patch format.


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I finally needed to use text with the layer, and there is indeed a problem with it too. The fix is similar.

Same file as previous patch:

Around line 114:
static int layerPoints = 0;
- static int layerFont = -1;
static int layerType = -1;

Around line 1180:
* On gere le type de font (ASCII !)
- if (layerFont == font) return;
layerFont = font;
layerFontFlag = IsModified;


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The line

layerFont = font;

must be removed too.