Pb to compil CAS3.0/src/DrawResources/TestDraw

I find file TestDraw.cxx in CAS3.0/src/DrawResources/ I compile this file with :

g++ -DLIN -DLININTEL -DCSFDB -DNO_CXX_EXCEPTION -DNo_Exception -funsigned-char -MD -Wall -x c++ -I${CASROOT}/src/Draw -I${CASROOT}/drv/Draw -I${CASROOT}/inc -L${CASROOT}/Linux/lib mydraw.cxx -o prog -lTKDraw -lTKBRep -lTestTopOpeDraw -lTKXSDRAW -TKernel

and i obtain this:

/usr/local/CAS3.0/src/Draw/Draw_Appli.hxx: In function `int main(int, char **)': /usr/local/CAS3.0/src/Draw/Draw_Appli.hxx:30: too few arguments to function `void Draw_Appli(Standard_Integer , char **, void (*)(class Draw_Interpretor &))' mydraw.cxx:12: at this point in file mydraw.cxx: In function `Standard_Integer macommande(class Draw_Interpretor &, Standard_Integer, char **)': mydraw.cxx:38: variable `class TopoDS_Shape S' has initializer but incomplete type mydraw.cxx:38: invalid use of undefined type `class TopoDS_Shape' mydraw.cxx:38: no match for 'Draw_Interpretor &

What could i do?

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DrawResources is not a C++ Devloppment Unit. You will fing a better example in TTOPOLOGY. Moreover, about add a command in Draw , there is a FAQ " DRAW : The Test Environment"

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When i compile the file from TTOPOLOGY it's ok but how execute it?