PDF problem ?

Hi !

I noticed there where some messages about failure to show PDF files, I also have a problem with them.

On my Windows NT 4 SP3 with AcrobatReader 4.0 I get error message when I open the failes that they are damaged but beeing repaired and then when I browse thorigh the file I do not see pictures, all the text is ok, but no pictures.

All the html files and so are ok in the downloaded file so I do not think thats the problem.

Does any one else have this type of problem to ?


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Hi !

I have the same problem with the pdf files in the online documentation, so it was nothing wrong with my download, some pictures are displayed as they should, but for example:

in fcug.pdf, page 21 I get the error: "Unable to extract the embedded font 'COAOLC+Lucinda.console083'

And all pictures are ok until page 25, the example at the bottom of page 25 is displayed as a bunch of '........'

Now, this is probably not a picture I guess, the dots are probably characters in the font that could not be loaded.....

Any ideas ?

(Acrobat Reader 4.0)