Performance in OCC boolean operations

Hi everyone,

I want to ask if in your opinion boolean operations are fast in OCC?
I try to do the application with many boolean operations.
I have made also VBA script in CATIAV5R15 which does the same work.

The strange thing is that in OCC it takes 16 minutes whereas in CATIA less than 1 minute.

Is it the difference in boolean algorithms or am I doing something wrong?

What is your experience with boolean operations in OCC? Good or bad?

Pawel D.

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Hi Pawel,

OCC Boolean Ops are known to be of rather slow performance :-(. However if you provide test scenarios this can be helpful for the company to file and fix bugs.


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If I have a good example I will share my code with you then. I don't have good example yet.
I'm not professional in programing and probably still lamer.
So maybe the difference in performance is also my mistake. I mean maybe the difference is not so big.
However, I don't have free capital to invest in OCC training session.
I will let you know if I have something interesting.

PS. Your blog is really good job.

Pawel D.

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"I don't have good example yet..."
"I'm ... probably still lamer..."
May be you are just a twaddler.

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I think you didn't understood the topic.
This tells everything about you.

If I wanted to argue with anybody, I would write on different forum.

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According to my experience with OCC, its boolean operation is very poor in speed and in quality compared with other super expensive solid kernels.
I think you didn't do wrong with OCC. It is slow!
And it is very resonable and understandable with its price.
However, if you understand the inner structure of the boolean algorithm, there may be several ways to improve the speed.
Good luck...
Sangsu Lee