PKAppViewer.dll ?

Hi !

Finally I managed to get OCAF to save my files, it took a lot of time to find out about how to setup everything to work, maybe a section in the documentation that explains how to use OCAF to load/save documents would be useful.

As it is now, there are no decription at all on how to create the TDocStd_Application class you need to handle everything, there are also not a word on what the resource name and format is used for or how to set it up, this would help a lot.

Now, as I said I got it to work and I can save my document to a .shp file, this use the PKAppViewer.dll to do it, I stole this file and the resource file from the ShapeViewer application.

Is this dll specific for the shapeviewer or can I use that in my own applications, or do I have to create my own ?

And also is it ok to include the PKAppViewer dll with my application in that case ?

If I do need to create my own storage driver, is there any exaple available to peek at ?


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Hi Mikael,

You'll find that all the links to persistent data storage in ocaf will work in the version coming out on Monday 28.02. There was a bug in the end of January release, and the links in the TOC did not work.

Concerning creation of an application, you're right that it's not so simple, principally because the resource name and format depend on the rest of your application. I'll forward your remarks to the project leaders and the support engineer who is working on an ocaf training course.

Best regards,