Please help with run Example software OCC

Hi all ! Two day's I'm tried to make and run the Example software. No result. Anybody run this application, like standart or tutorial ?

1. I can't install QtOpenCascadeLinux util. with qmake == QFile::open: No file name specified
with sudo qmake QtOpenCascadeLinux.pri:1: Unknown test function: CONFIG
QtOpenCascadeLinux.pri:84: Unknown test function: CONFIG
and after make exit with error.
2. When I'm run standart Java I'm used for the first time javac:

mkdir classes
/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- -d classes $CASROOT/src/jcas/*.java java/CASCADESamplesJni/*.java java/SampleGeometryJni/*.java java/SamplesTopologyJni/*.java java/SampleViewer3DJni/*.java java/SampleAISBasicJni/*.java java/SampleAISDisplayModeJni/*.java java/SampleAISSelectJni/*.java java/SampleDisplayAnimationJni/*.java java/SampleImportExportJni/*.java java/SampleHLRJni/*.java java/util/*.java java/*.java

And this return error:
./java/util/ duplicate class: util.TracePanel
public class TracePanel extends JPanel implements ActionListener
3. When I'm tried to run standart sample QT:
sudo qmake Unknown test function: CONFIG

Main system is Ubuntu 8.04.LTS. All environments are installed.
Please HELP.

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Many sorry ! It's what about I'm tried to use qmake, but It's ver 1.07a that was Qt3.3 dev tool.

It's because in Ubuntu linux in /usr/Bin directory symbolik link with name qmake for qmake-qt3.
Ubuntu users most run qmake-qt4 for building this examples

Now qt samples work ! But without any icons resurs, only text menus.

It's COOL ! Maybe anybody help me with Java Examples? I don't know which language of programming code I must used in feature... Maybe Java ?

Any recomendations?