Please, need help with Draw.


I'm trying to run the "Draw" demo but it isn't working. When I run demo.bat from C:\CASCADE\src\DrawResources it's seems to be allright but no view is created in the Draw window.(if I expand the Draw window I still can't find the view)

Also I can write anything in the command window that no error message is showned.

I downloaded all cascade files but renamed "CAS3.1" to "CASCADE"

I also installed TclTk 7.6.(I previously installed version 8.2 but when I saw the message about the version I replaced it by 7.6)

I have: DRAWHOME = C:\CASCADE\src\DrawResources

DRAWDEFAULT = C:\CASCADE\src\DrawResources\DrawDefault

If I run the tcl shell and call "source demo.tcl" I get: invalid command line "smallview".

Can someone tell me what's missing??

Thanks a lot

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Have you tried to do a view (axo, front, top ...) before creating for example a box ?

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Please replace the \ by / in your DRAWHOME and DRAWDEFAULT variable.

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That's what has missing!! Thanks a lot. It's working now. Althought I don't get the "MDI load accel failure" anymore. Is that a problem?