Points to BSpline

Hi, I have some points and need a curve passing through them. I tried GeomAPI_PointsToBSpline but as I add new poles, it acts weird sometimes and generates unstable curves. (Also whole curve is recalculated and curve changes so much with each new point, I think it is enough if only last 2 or 3 segments of curve changes when we add new pole). I have also tried creating BSpline curve using poles, knots, weights etc, this time the curve is very stable, only last few segments change at each new pole but this time I could not create a curve that passes through points. (poles are like control points in bezier curves). Any advice how can I create more stable curve using some points? Thanks in advance

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Hi Maili,

GeomAPI_PointsToBSpline performs approximation. It might help to take a bigger tolerance value to make the curve "more stable".

You might also want to try GeomAPI_Interpolate in order to interpolate the curve (instead of approximating) through given points.