Port to HPUX ???

Hi all.

Having many difficulties, using some workarounds,
we had managed to build OCC libraries in HPUX platform (R11.0).
But the program crashed at almost every type of geometry
creation functions. (debugging is almost impossible !)

Is there any one who have succeeded to port to HPUX ?
Why OCC is not officially ported to HPUX yet ?
Have some big problem ?

Any information about this problem would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

D.K Lee, SVD Inc.

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Dear Mr. Lee,

We supported HPUX until releasing version 2.1 of Open CASCADE (yet when it was CAS.CADE available in closed source on a paid basis). However since then we stopped it due to low marketing demand. For the same reason we had to cease supporting other platforms.

Nonetheless, we are still ready to offer support of your favorite systems under individual contracts (we have a few with several IT and software companies). Please contact marketing.contact@opencascade.com for further details.

Best regards,
Forum supervisor