ported to VisualStudio 2005

Hi all,

as I needed the OpenCascade library compiled with VC8
I had to port the 7.1 solutions to the new format. I also
fixed the lib and dll names for the debug build (all
libs and dll's end with "D" as it is common practice.
Another nice side-effect is that you can run debug and
release builds without messing around with the path,
the debug build just links to the debug dll's which have a
different name!). I zipped the ros\adm\win32 directory with
the VC8 solutions and put it on our web-site:


I used the OpenCascade 6.2 version. It would be nice if
that could be inserted into a future release, at it was
a major pain modifying all the projects :-)

Hope it can be useful, kind regards,


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Thank you for sharing.

Since OpenCascade is open source, can't they put them into SVN like other Open Source projects?

...and separate out the binaries at the same time.


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Dear Antonio,

thanks a lot for sharing. Did you also manage to convert any of the samples or the makeBottle tutorial to take advantag of the Windows Forms 2.0 library?

Best regards, Recage

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Replying with some delay....

No I didn't ;) I just needed the dll's to link with
my program so I did not look into the samples at all.