Precision of IGES file

Hi all,

Would you inform me, how can I raise precision of written IGES file (used IGESControlStd_Writer). The new presision should be about "double" resolution.

Best regards, Adrian

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You can use these parameters for writing precision :

The computation mode is set by Interface_Static::SetCVal ("write.precision.mode", "mode");

You can choose among several modes, according to "mode" :

- "Average" (default) : computed from the written shape, as average of the tolerances recorded in the shape

- "Min" : taken the min tolerance coded in the shape

- "Max" : taken the max tolerance coded in the shape

- "User" : consider a user tolerance (another parameter)

So, to enforce a value, set this parameter to "User", then set the user tolerance for writing as follows :

Interface_Static::SetRVal ("wrie.precision.val", myval); where myval is a double (Standard_Real). It is initialized to 0.001

Can this help