Preparation of the next release, OCCT 6.7.0


Dear All, We are going to publish next release of OCCT, numbered 6.7.0, next month. Beta version for preliminary testing should be available in about one week. The major features in this release shall be:

  • Multiple improvements and new features in Visualization:
    • Dynamic clipping of the shaded objects by arbitrary planes, with cross-section visualized by capping algorithm
    • Stereo display in OCCT viewer (requires support of graphics card)
    • Heavily optimized and enhanced presentation of point markers (using point sprites)
    • Enhanced presentation of dimensions
    • Support of OpenGl shaders
    • Ray tracing mode of display of shaded objects in OCCT viewer providing high-quality image (including sharp shadows, correct transparency, reflections)
  • Functionality to create BRep shape representing a text string (with specified font, size, and location in 3d space)
  • Multiple corrections in Voxel package
  • New (more robust) 2D fillet algorithm
  • New documentation system: Doxygen is used to generate Overview and User Guides; their sources in MarkDown format are included in OCCT sources
  • Considerably improved code stability and clean-up of compiler warnings
  • Optimization: enabling SSE2 instructions on 32-bit systems, refactored code of b-spline evaluation, and parallelized Boolean Operations
  • Refactored CSharp sample, to include also WPF front-end
  • Official support of Intel compiler

Please feel free to post your comments here. Andrey

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The new feature list looks impressive - great work! Looking forward to using it.

It may be too soon, but will MS Visual Studio 2013 be supported in this release?

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Sorry for late answer!

VS 2013 is not in the list of features planned for OCCT 6.7.0. We perhaps will take a look at it if we have spare time before the release...

You can also help if you have VS 2013. The procedure should be quite straightforward:
- to start, you convert VS 2012 projects of OCCT to VS 2013 by automatic converter, and check the differences.
- if differences are not many, it should be very simple to create templates for VS 2013 project files basing on VS 2012 templates (you can find both in WOK folder, in lib/templates). (On this step, "vc11" should be replaced by "vc12" in paths.)
- msvc.bat should be updated to handle VS 2013 path

Best Regards,