problem with 4.0

hello, I was using Open Cascade 3.1 for import IGES files and analysis geometry (get faces,lines,points). With 3.1 version, it was ok but I install the 4.0 version : now the import file is ok but when I want to get the faces ( TopExp_Explorer (TopAbs_FACE),then BRep_Tool::Surface ) it crashes at BRep_Tool::Surface because no type is affect to the shape. Can you help me. Thank you.

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Hello David,

The skeleton of the code you explain seems to be OK and it should work in any version of Open CASCADE, no matter whether it is 4.0 or 3.1. I think I could help you if you sent me the code itself (at least its excerpt that fails) and the IGES file. Do not hesitate to send it all to my email directly.

Best regards, Roman